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Membership Information

Become a Member today for only $250!

To join as a member, please download the membership form below, fill it out and sign it, and send it to our board of directors.

By Mail: PO Box 642, Ronan, MT 59864. Include your $250 ownership investment.

By Email: We’ll coordinate payment after receiving your application.


What is a Cooperative Brewery?

Cooperatives are democratically owned and operated by their members. Cooperative breweries exist to benefit their member-owners in ways far beyond a standard mug club. Ronan Cooperative Brewery brings together the strong craft beer movement to help in the revitalization of our community.


Why become an Owner?

A $250 investment buys your ownership share of the Ronan Cooperative Brewery (called “common stock”). This is not an annual fee—your membership makes you a part owner in our brewery. We hold events to bring members together, sample our brews, and create a welcome environment for all. We believe that a strong community is built around engaged businesses that give back to their community. Ronan’s community-minded local businesses are an example of this, and we believe our cooperative is achieving this purpose. If you ever wanted to be a part of a startup business or get on the inside track of a brewery in development, now is your chance.

Your $250 is an investment in the next chapter of Main Street Ronan. By investing in the co-op, you are supporting and sustaining:
  • The first cooperative brewery in Montana
  • The first brewery in Ronan, MT
  • Truly local beer
  • A local business and community partner
  • An engine to drive revitalization of Main Street Ronan
Benefits of becoming a member:
  • Own a brewery!

  • Vote on who serves as the Board of Directors and other issues at annual and special meetings

  • Run for the Ronan Cooperative Brewery Board of Directors

  • Get invited to owner-only events and beer tastings

  • Receive owner discounts and participate in the loyalty program

  • Purchase preferred stock shares that can pay annual interest once the brewery is profitable

  • Receive patronage dividends based on purchases when the brewery is profitable

  • Be a part if an amazing community taproom



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